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Should input parameters be checked?

The problem In the last few months, I have been struggling with this problem: Should input parameters be checked? Hundreds of warnings were thrown by static analysis tool in a large base code, most of them regarding pointers which could […]

Curvas de Lissajous con Processing

Una curva de Lissajous es la gráfica que resulta de la superposición de dos movimientos armónicos simples (un movimiento periódico de vaivén) en direcciones perpendiculares de un sistema de ecuaciones paramétricas (aquellas que representan una superficie a partir de un […]

Gross salary vs. Net income

In the next graph, it is possible to see quickly the progressivenesss of the Spanish main tax (IRPF). It depicts how much the net income increaseses with increasing gross salary. The data has been self made, taken into consideration Spanish […]

Overflow in integer arithmetic with C

Overflow Sometimes, the results of working with integers may go outside the range that can be represented, that is, when the result of operating on two k-bit numbers is a (k+1)-bit result. Static analysis tools such as Polyspace or Sonar […]

Unequally distributed quantity

Suppose that you have to divide or to distribute a quantity in three (maybe a rent payment), but you want to do it unequally. It can be done more or less mentally, but I wanted to havequickly all the possibilities […]

A dummy blockchain implementation in C (I)

Voting with Blockchain Hundreds of thousands of articles have been written about blockchain and how it is going to change the world. I am not to talk why I don’t understand how this can be possible. Neither Bitcoin, which (from […]

Welcome on board!

My RAM memory is the place where I would collect news, thoughts, projects and opinions about topics of my interest, such as embedded, safety and critical software, clean code or avionics. That is, as a real computer RAM, here there […]